Why You Should Smile at Your Audition

Jul 20, 2016, by Dr. Becky Coats

You know you’re star material. We know you’re star material. But whether you’re auditioning for the big screen or the small one, you just have to convince the casting director and everyone else at the audition. If you want to do that, you need to smile.

Oh, sure, you might think you don’t need to smile because your favorite celebrity or model doesn’t smile, especially on the runway, but you have to remember that they’ve already made it and they can get away with it. At your audition, there are many reasons you should smile.

A beautiful smile can help you at your audition

Show You’re Good to Work With

Those actors and celebrities who are always walking around glum-faced, yeah, they have a reputation for being hard to work with. If it weren’t for their star power, nobody would work with them. Heck, even as it is, many people won’t work with them — that’s why they have their own companies to produce their own movies, music, and shows. If you don’t have that, you need to be able to work with people, so you need to show directors you’re not going to be more trouble than you’re worth.

A friendly smile is the quickest and easiest way to do that. Start and finish your audition with a smile. Say hello politely and say thank you and goodbye graciously.

Give Yourself Confidence

We know that inside your knees are shaking with terror. You probably want to run and hide, and your first instinct when you get out on stage is to apologize for how badly you’re going to do. That’s natural, but it will also torpedo your audition. You have to believe in yourself, and a smile can help with that — a smile stimulates your body to release endorphins, which are natural feel-good hormones that can help you feel better about everything, including your odds at this audition.

Show You Love What You’re Doing

Yeah, performing is hard work, we know that. So do the auditioners watching you. They don’t need to see a pained expression on your face to prove it.

But why would you want to get this gig if it’s such terrible work? No, you want the gig because as hard as it is, performing makes you feel good. Convey that to your auditioners. It will resonate with them, because they’re here just as much for the love as you are. It’s something you share that will make them feel positive toward you and your audition.

Demonstrate Your Range

Starting and ending your audition with your own natural smile lets you show just how much different your performing persona can be. This is especially helpful if you’ve got a really dramatic reading or song.

Be More Memorable

Research shows that smiling faces are more easily remembered than non-smiling faces. If you want to have a better chance at being remembered among all the other people in the audition, a smile is your best bet.

If You’re Unhappy with Your Smile

But what do you do if you’re unhappy with your smile? You have to smile anyway. It’s possible that there are some parts you won’t get because your smile is unattractive, but all the other benefits above will probably result in a net positive.

But if you feel that your smile is really holding you back, it might be time to consider cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry can give you a natural-looking, beautiful smile that will help you have the confidence to go out and sing with a smile.

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