Which Exposes Your Smile More: a Jumbotron or Selfies?

Nov 18, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

In a recent piece of long-form journalism, SB Nation sort of blamed the fading days of the jumbotron on selfie culture. The juxtaposition between the huge screen that we see only occasionally and the tiny smartphone screen that is with us every day made us wonder: which exposes your smile more: the jumbotron or the selfie?

How Big Is the Jumbotron?

The huge screens at  AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play are some of the largest screens in the world, measuring 160 feet wide by 72 feet tall, that’s over 11,500 square feet on each side. By comparison the relatively large screen of the iPhone 6+ is just 12.9 square inches. In other words, the display of the jumbotron is the equivalent of nearly 130,000 iPhone screens.

However, let’s put this into perspective, literally. If you’re 100 feet away from the screen at the stadium, it only appears as big as the iPhone held six inches from your eye, which is probably a little close for comfort, but not unreasonable.

How Many Selfies Do We Take?Grapevine Dentist Dr. Becky Coats

But when it comes to exposing your smile, where selfies really win out is in the number of them that we take. On average, people take about a million selfies a day. At that pace, it would take about three hours for iPhone-sized selfies to fill up the jumbotron screen.

But let’s put that in a personal context. The average woman age 16-25 takes three selfies per day. Of course, that’s only the final version, since they take an average of seven shots per selfie session, trying to decide between our smile and our smize or finding the right lighting and position. At that rate, most of us would take nearly 17 years to fill the screen with selfies, 51 years if we only count our final versions!

But how many people see our selfies? If you have a median number of friends on Facebook (about 200), where most selfies are shared, and about 35% of your friends see each one, then an At&T Stadium’s worth of people see your smile in selfies every year. Considering most of us don’t make the jumbotron every year, then your selfie is definitely showing off your smile more often.

Are You Ready for Your Close-Up?

Now that you have a sense of how truly exposed your selfies are making your smile, you might be a little more cautious about showing it off, but if you enjoy your selfies and showing off your smile, then it’s better to correct problems that make you self-conscious by getting a super smile makeover.

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