When #TBT Reminds You How Beautiful Your Smile Used to Be

Dec 22, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

Social media is a great way to keep up with friends, including those who are in a different state or you just can’t figure out how to get together IRL. But social media also has a problem: it can lead to increased anxiety about our appearance. After all, we know that selfies expose our smiles more than a jumbotron, so there’s justification for feelings of being overexposed.

Most of the time, people focus on anxiety caused by comparing ourselves with others, but social media also forces us to compare ourselves with ourselves, and in particular throwback Thursdays can be a real slap in the face. We are suddenly confronted with what we looked like maybe five, ten, or even twenty years and more ago. How should you respond when you suddenly realize the dramatic changes in your appearance? Here are three different ways you might respond.

Be at Peace with Time and Change

Grapevine Dentist Dr. Coats

Ideally, we should respond by recognizing that time changes all things. After all, an oak in winter is a pale shadow of its summer self. It’s natural that we don’t look the same today as we did two decades or more ago.

It can help to be at peace if you balance the equation between your former and present selves. Sure, your younger self may have had the looks and may have had more fun, but your present self has the wisdom and your life is free of all the drama that caused you pain that equalled or exceeded the level of fun. If you fully evaluate your previous self and your current self, you’ll find that you’re probably much happier now than then.

Reduce the Impact of Time

While it’s inevitable that time will leave its mark on us, we don’t have to passively accept that mark. There are things we can do to reduce the amount of change our appearance experiences. When it comes to your smile, good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are the best way to keep your smile from aging faster than necessary. Teeth whitening can also be used to reduce staining, although it may not get your teeth as white as they were in your youth.

Try to Roll Back the Clock

Or maybe, now that you’ve seen an old picture, you’re completely opposed to the entire aging concept. You want to do what you can to look the way you used to look. The bad news is that for many aspects of your appearance, you simply can’t do that. The good news is that you can pretty much do that with your smile.

If teeth whitening doesn’t fully whiten your teeth, porcelain veneers can make them as white as they used to be. Along with dental crowns, they can also be used to build up teeth that have been worn down. Even if you’re missing teeth, dental implants and the Denture Fountain of Youth ® can give you a smile as good as–or maybe even better than–the one you had in your youth. There’s no reason to envy the smile of your younger self–see our before and after gallery to see what we mean.

If you are looking to reduce the impact of time or turn back the clock on your smile, we can help. Please call (817) 481-6888 for an appointment with a Grapevine cosmetic dentist at Grapevine Dental Care.