When Is It Time to Find a New Dentist?

May 18, 2016, by Dr. Becky Coats

If you have a dentist you like, it can be hard to convince yourself to look for a new one. But even if you like your current dentist, there are some times you just have to break ties and find a new dentist. Here are some of the reasons why you should find a new dentist.

You Moved

Of course, if you move to a new city, then you’ll have to find a new dentist. But what if you moved across town? Sometimes it’s possible to visit your old dentist, but it’s just too inconvenient. In either case, this is a situation where you can part with your dentist amicably. If you like your current dentist, ask for recommendations in your new city or area. The dentist may or may not be able to refer you to someone.

Your Needs Are Changing

When you first started working with your current dentist, you might have been looking for a decent, general dentist. But now you are looking for more from your dentist. Perhaps you want a cosmetic dentist to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamt of or to combat signs of aging. Or perhaps you’ve developed TMJ and are looking for a neuromuscular dentist.

Sometimes you can ask your dentist for recommendations, but in other cases you have to be careful. Your current dentist might offer to perform the new services, even though he is not well trained in them. It’s better to find a new dentist that gives you full confidence in her ability to provide the services you’re looking for.

The Practice Is Changing

You might have started working at a dental office when it was a self-owned single proprietorship, but as the practice has been successful, the office is expanding and changing, adding new dentists and more assistants. Instead of seeing the dentist you like, you have to work with the junior dentists you may not have as much confidence in. Sometimes the substitution may even occur without first informing you about the change.

In this situation, you might talk to the dentist about it, but the odds are good that you’ll have to go elsewhere to get the kind of service you enjoyed in the past.

The Practice Is Not Changing

It might seem that the status quo shouldn’t give you anything to complain about, right? The care you received last year should be good enough for this year. But that’s not always the case.

Dentistry is constantly evolving, with new approaches and new technologies constantly becoming available. Dentists who refuse to keep up with the times are doing their patients a disservice. A dentist doesn’t have to adopt every new technology that comes along, but there are many technologies that significantly increase your comfort, convenience, and quality of results. Some of the technologies we’ve been happy we adopted include digital impressions, buffered anesthesia, and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). We’d be reluctant to recommend dentists who didn’t offer these benefits to their patients.

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