Top 10 Halloween Songs with Bite

Oct 15, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

No Halloween party is complete without good, spooky music, but it can be hard to think of which ones to include. Because we’re all about teeth here at Grapevine Dental Care, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most toothy songs that will help set the mood for your costumed shindig.

10. Deal with the Devil — Pop Evil

This heavy metal anthem with screaming guitars doesn’t have teeth in its lyrics, but the video is all about them. Obsidian makeup has been applied to every inch of visible skin on all the band members, with the result that their pearly whites seem really, really white, to the point there they saturate the image, and practically shoot out of the screen. A very extreme image of how makeup can make your teeth look whiter.

9. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes — Lewis Lee

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a campy parody of creature features, and it spared no expense, not even in the creation of a really campy theme song. We know what you’re thinking: tomatoes don’t have teeth! Be that as it may, the song makes it very clear that they will nonetheless chew you up for brunch, and maybe finish you off for dinner or lunch. What about breakfast? you may ask, but if a killer tomato wants to sleep in, who’s gonna wake them up?

8. Kidnap the Sandy Claws — Korn

Although “This Is Halloween” is the obvious choice from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas, “Kidnap the Sandy Claws,” is a much creepier entry, especially when Korn puts their spin on it. And, besides, this is the one that includes references to a savage feast in which “Sandy Claws” is either boiled like a lobster man or cooked rare, perhaps served with a side of “snake and spider stew.” Yum!

7. Haunted House — Jumpin’ Gene Simmons

No family relation to the creepy-in-his-own-right KISS frontman, “Jumpin” Gene Simmons was actually the inspiration for the later Simmons’ stage name. He made a pretty big hit with this 1964 rockabilly rouser, which combines a pretty danceable groove with spooky lyrics that combine a haint, a speaking house, and an alien. And again we see a demonic feast, though a little bit more tame as the alien tries to scare off our narrator, who refuses to be frightened.

6. Purple People Eater — Sheb Wooley

If you’re irritated with all the novelty songs that topped the charts in the 50s, you can either complain about it–or write your own! Wooley’s witty skewering of no-talent hacks getting famous writing dumb songs is a really enjoyable sock-hop hit.

5. Then She Bit Me — DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Will Smith’s rap career stands out from most of his compatriots because of its flip tone and culturally clean references. While many people are familiar with “A Nightmare on My Street,” the rap duo does one better on this hilariously solipsistic trip through horror lore. A more up-tempo piece, “Then She Bit Me,” is loose and fun, full of totally random references to movies and fads, sort of focused around our narrator hooking up with a vampire chick and visiting her house, skyscraper, igloo, shack.

4. Grim Grinnin Ghosts — Thurl Ravenscroft

Although many people are familiar with the Barenaked Ladies cover version, it’s the original with Ravenscroft’s inimitable voice that’s really a halloween haunter. If you’re not familiar with Ravenscroft, he’s the singing voice in the original cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This is a great song to welcome guests into the house because it speaks of all the spirits rising up for festivities, and it’s the only song where teeth are mostly used for smiles.

3. Werewolves of London — Warren Zevon

Zevon’s werewolves are fashionable, sure, but they’re also savage,and their bites are not just reserved for chow mein. This is partly a satire of high society, but the howls and the primal cry, “Bite down!” give it a genuinely lycanthropic flair. For a fun variation, Adam Sandler’s version is pretty good, too.

2. Thriller — Michael Jackson

Since the 1980s, no Halloween soundtrack has been complete without this take on the joys of horror films. Because it’s everywhere this time of year, your party will have its share of haters, but they can take their hate off the dance floor to make room for a zombie line dance–classic fun. There’s no reference to teeth in this one, just a brief allusion to alien jaws, but the werewolf transformation in the video lets this song pass muster. Ironically, the single wasn’t released for the Halloween season, it came out on November 30, because nothing puts shoppers in a Christmas mood like blood-curdling terror!

1. Monster — Kanye West

You have to know your crowd before you play this one: it’s definitely not a tune for a children’s party. The lyrics are as obscene as they are terrifying and brilliant. The monstrous beat can really drive a party, and the performances of the rappers add zest and texture, especially Nicki Minaj, whose angry pitch against sexism in rap ironically finds justification in the video for the song and even some of the lyrics of the other rappers. Lyrically and in the video, she plays two characters, the easily dismissable woman as sex object, and the vampire dominatrix with gold fangs, the sexual subject who takes control of the presumably male audience and eats their brains.

For some candy sweetness, you can also add some sweet sugar songs to your mix. And on that note, we’ll take this occasion to remind you that the candy is for the kids, and you should keep your snacking to a minimum, or else you’ll need to visit the dentist next month.

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