TMJ Case Studies

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) can be very challenging to treat. Many patients come to us after dealing with symptoms for years. They have often seen many doctors and other healthcare providers, including headache specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and alternative medical practitioners like acupuncturists. But we are often able to provide relief where these other practitioners were unable to help.

That’s why we like to celebrate our successes and help people understand that they, too, can get relief from painful or disabling symptoms. Here are some of the patients we were able to help.

Jane Stillwell: Relief from Years of Headaches and Tinnitus

Jane came to us after spending years trying to get relief from her tinnitus and terrible migraines. Her doctors had given her a diagnosis of Meniere’s disease five years before she came to us. Despite the diagnosis, however, her doctor was unable to treat her symptoms. It was jaw clicking and popping that made Jane believe she might have TMJ, so she came to us seeking treatment.

We performed a complete analysis of Jane’s bite and determined that her poorly positioned jaw was resulting in excessive muscle activity and pressure on her jaw joint. In addition, Jane’s airway was severely restricted, preventing her from breathing freely.

This image shows the tension in Jane’s jaw muscles. The muscle activity on the right shows Jane’s level of tension without an oral appliance. The muscle activity on the left shows Jane’s level of tension with the appliance in.


This image shows a CBCT measurement of Jane’s airway. Note that it is highly constricted.


This image shows the compression of Jane’s temporomandibular joints without an oral appliance. Note that the right joint is especially compressed.

Not only did the oral appliance reduce Jane’s muscle tension (see above), it greatly expanded her airway. This is a map of Jane’s airway while wearing her oral appliance. Note that the total volume has been quadrupled, and the minimum area tripled.

This image shows how the oral appliance has relieved compression of Jane’s temporomandibular joints. Note that the space on the right is now slightly larger than the space on the left.

Jane’s Results

Most important is that Jane’s symptoms have been all but eliminated. Jane had zero headaches in the months after she started wearing her appliance. Her tinnitus reduced dramatically, and she no longer experiences clicking in the jaw joint. Watch Jane’s testimonial to hear how happy she is with her results.

We are happy to have been able to help, and look forward to helping others with similar symptoms.