The 5 Situations Where Dental Implants Make the Biggest Difference

Apr 29, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

Dental Implants Make a DifferenceDental implants are always a great technology, but there are some times when they aren’t just great, they’re amazing. We would almost never recommend anything else in these five situations.

Complete Dentures

Yes, the Denture Fountain of Youth® is better-fitting and more secure than traditional dentures, but they’re still not nearly as good as implant-supported dentures. If you really want to be confident in your smile and your ability to eat all your favorite foods, there’s really no substitute for dental implants.

And because FOY Dentures® are fully compatible with dental implants, you can still get the amazing rejuvenation effects.

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are really nobody’s friend. They can be uncomfortable, have hooks, clasps, and springs that can damage neighboring teeth, and often don’t stay in place.

On top of that, they may not look as attractive as you wish, especially when they keep shifting out of place.

But dental implants support themselves without hooks or clasps, and they always stay in place. They also look the most like your natural teeth.

The Front of Your Smile

And where does the maximum attractiveness of dental implants make the biggest difference? In the front of your smile, the teeth you show every time you grin. Here, any cosmetic shortcoming is going to be on full display, so it’s important to get the best-looking restoration possible, which means a dental implant for your lost tooth or teeth.

The Back of Your Mouth

And while the cosmetic benefit of dental implants is best in the front of your smile, at the back of your mouth, it’s the self-supporting nature of implants that really matters. If you’ve lost the back teeth in your mouth, there’s not a good replacement option besides dental implants.

A dental bridge would have to be supported on only one side–what is called a cantilevered bridge–and that can put the supporting tooth at risk because it will be bearing the restoration alone.

Missing Tooth Surrounded by Healthy Teeth

The self-supporting nature of a dental implant also matters when you’re having to replace a tooth between two healthy, undamaged ones. We never want to remove healthy tooth tissue if we can avoid it, so putting a dental bridge there wouldn’t be ideal. And a removable partial denture isn’t great, either: those hooks and clasps can cause wear on teeth, and give bacteria and food places to accumulate, leading to increased decay.

A dental implant, though, will support itself and will leave your healthy teeth just as they are.

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