Dallas Teeth Whitening with KöR

If you are unhappy with your smile because your teeth are discolored, we can help. Teeth whitening can remove stains from your teeth to give you an attractive smile that will give you the confidence to share every day. Although there are many teeth whitening products out there—and believe us, we’ve tried a lot of them—we exclusively use KöR Deep Bleaching. This tooth whitening system allows you to achieve the best results gradually at home with reduced risk of sensitivity.

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How Teeth Whitening Works

Most tooth staining is due to dark-colored molecules that get trapped in your teeth. These staining molecules can be found in many foods and drinks, such as chocolate, coffee, dark beer, red wine, tea, and berries. Sometimes, food can stain that you might never suspect, such as potatoes and apples.

Teeth whitening uses chemicals to break down and remove these stains from your teeth. This restores your tooth enamel to its natural brilliance.

Why Choose the KöR Tooth Whitening System

With so many tooth whitening options available, why would we choose to use just one in our practice? Because this is the only one we’ve found that gives our patients quality results. And it’s the only one we feel proud enough to offer. We always want to be able to stand behind our work, whether it’s dental implants or tooth whitening.

teeth before Kor Teeth Whitening

Before Kor Teeth Whitening

After Kor deep tooth bleaching

After Kor Teeth Whitening

Up close picture of teeth after Kor teeth whitening

Close-Up After

Although in-office whitening can give some results, it’s often underwhelming. Just enough to be conspicuous, but often not enough to make you feel happy and confident in your smile.

KöR Deep Bleaching uses whitening trays that you use to whiten your teeth gradually at home. The fit of KöR Deep Bleaching trays is better than over-the-counter systems and other dentist-performed systems. This ensures the whitening compound is evenly distributed over your teeth, so you get quality results for your entire tooth. It also means that compound doesn’t leak out to irritate your gums, and saliva doesn’t leak in to dilute the whitening compound.

KöR Deep Bleaching also has compounds that can reduce the amount of sensitivity you feel after treatment.

Limits of Teeth Whitening

Although teeth whitening is a good procedure for improving the whiteness of your teeth, it does have some limits. Teeth whitening can only improve teeth that are discolored by staining compounds. It can’t improve the color of teeth that are dark because the tooth pulp has died, flaws in the enamel, tooth decay, or thin enamel. Your teeth can also only get as white as your natural enamel, and some people have enamel that is whiter than others.

However, sometimes porcelain veneers can be used to overcome the limitations of your tooth enamel and give you teeth so white you can’t help but smile.

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