Soft Liners Not the Best Solution for Painful Dentures

Mar 11, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

If you’re unhappy with painful dentures, you might be thinking that a soft liner is the way to go to eliminate the discomfort. Although soft liners definitely have their benefits, they have disadvantages that make them a poor solution to denture pain.

Benefits of Soft Liners

Soft liners are designed to help you overcome some of the common causes of denture pain. For example, they can help if you have a bony protrusion that pinches your gums against your dentures. They can also help if you have naturally sensitive gums that tend to get sore when you chew. This might allow you to eat more kinds of foods.

Soft liners also help hold in dentures that don’t quite fit, because they’re squishy and can conform around your gums and bone ridges.

Soft Liners Have Limits

Soft Liner IssuesThe problem with soft liners is that their many drawbacks can undermine their benefits. Soft liners don’t work with all dentures. A denture that wasn’t made for a soft liner may not be able to be refit with a soft liner, and if it is, the denture might be weakened.

Soft liners are also much harder to clean than hard liners. Soft liners have lots of holes that allow bacteria to penetrate inside. Denture cleaners may not be able to get inside properly, leaving fungus or bacteria in there. This can lead to bad-smelling dentures and even irritable gums.

And soft liners don’t even stay soft. They harden with time, and may become even more uncomfortable than a hard liner.

But they’re not as durable as a hard liner. In fact, the worst thing about soft liners is that because of contamination and hardening, they likely won’t last as long as a denture with a hard liner.

Make Sure Your Dentures Fit Right

If you’re experiencing denture discomfort, there’s no reason to try desperate solutions that may or may not work. Instead, pick a solution that makes your dentures fit and feel better. This can come with many additional benefits.

Not only will your dentures not hurt, but you’ll be able to chew better, and you’ll look better, too.

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