Overcome January Blues with a New Smile

Jan 07, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

Goodbye Blue Monday, Hello Teeth WhiteningNow that the holidays are over, many people begin to feel very blue. In fact, the third Monday in January is typically designated the saddest day of the year because people are feeling the post-holiday letdown, they’ve received Christmas bills, many have already failed at their New Year’s resolutions, and they’re dreading tax season. Oh, and it’s Monday. It’s often called Blue Monday (though the creator of the concept has since disowned it), but it doesn’t have to be blue for you. Instead, it can be a bright white Monday if you choose to get a new smile.

No Quick Fixes

If you are looking to overcome post-holiday blues, the last thing you need is another quick fix, something that gives you a temporary boost, but fades quickly, like in-office teeth whitening. Sure, you get a white smile quickly, but the results aren’t as good, and they fade quickly.

That’s why we exclusively offer KöR Deep Bleaching. It takes a while to get results, which is good, because it seems more natural and less abrupt. And when you get the results, they are brighter than any in-office treatment. They can also be permanent.

Dramatic Changes

Many people who fail at resolutions feel sad because they think they aren’t able to make any changes in their lives. They feel like they’re stuck, unable to move from a place in their life that they’re not happy with.

But you can change.

If there is a smile makeover you’ve been putting off for a long time, there’s no better time like the present to stop putting it off. Make the change today.

But What about My Budget?

We understand that right after the holidays might seem like the worst time to be thinking about a new smile–the piggy bank is empty, except for maybe a few pennies rattling around in there if you turn it upside-down.

That’s why we offer many financing options that help you make the changes you want without spending those last pennies. Flexible terms and conditions allow you to fit the expense into your budget, even if it’s tight right now.

If you would like to learn how cosmetic dentistry can help you dodge the January blues, please call (817) 481-6888 for an appointment with a Grapevine cosmetic dentist at Grapevine Dental Care today.