No Need to Panic If You Chip a Tooth

Feb 12, 2014, by Dr. Becky Coats
Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth can be a startling experience. It can even be a little traumatic, especially if it’s never happened to you before. Suddenly your smile is no longer whole: it’s damaged. You feel so incredibly fragile, as if the rest of it may crumble away, too.

But no need to fear. Your Smile can be quickly restored to its former attractiveness.

What to Do Right Away

First, make sure you get all pieces of the chipped tooth out of your mouth so you don’t swallow them. Look at them to see if they seem to be made entirely of the white part of the tooth (enamel) or if they seem to have multiple different types of material, which can indicate more serious tooth damage.

Contact your dentist and describe the injury, including the appearance of the chips so your dentist will know how quickly you need to be seen.

At Grapevine Dental Care, we work hard to get everyone in quickly with a dental emergency, but not all dentists can see you right away. If you can’t see your dentist immediately, you can cover the chip with paraffin wax, sugar-free chewing gum, or temporary dental cement you can get at the drug store.

How We Will Restore Your Chipped Tooth

How we repair your chip will depend on the size of the chip and your preferences.

Very small chips might just be significant because they’re sharp–you can’t even see them. These might be polished smooth to keep you from cutting your tongue.

Slightly larger chips can be fixed by cementing the piece back in place, but usually we recommend dental bonding instead. By using the same material we use for tooth-colored fillings, we can reshape your tooth to create a natural-looking and durable restoration.

But for the longest-lasting results, we recommend porcelain veneers, especially for front teeth. These can be more attractive than dental bonding and more resistant to staining and wear. They can last for a decade or more.

For Serious Broken Teeth

If your tooth is seriously damaged, we might recommend a dental crown to support and protect it. Sometimes, a broken tooth will reveal an infected pulp, which may require a root canal to treat properly.

Once we have had a chance to examine your tooth, we will let you know which treatment options will work best for your injury. To schedule an appointment for a chipped tooth, please call     817-481-6888. For general questions, please email Grapevine Dental Care in Grapevine, Texas today.