How Many Porcelain Veneers Should You Get?

Mar 05, 2014, by Dr. Becky Coats

If you are considering porcelain veneers, you may wonder how many veneers you should get to improve your smile. This is a complicated question, and it depends on a number of questions.

Why Are You Getting Porcelain Veneers?

The first important question you have to answer is why you are getting porcelain veneers in the first place. If you are getting porcelain veneers to correct a small tooth that never developed, you may want to get only one (or two, if you have a matching pair of peg laterals). If you are correcting a gap, then two porcelain veneers, one on either side of the gap, are recommended.

If you are looking to correct crooked, worn, or discolored teeth, you may want to get anywhere from 8-20 veneers.

How Happy Are You with the Rest of Your Smile?

If you are in general very happy with your smile, perhaps you only want to target your specific problems. However, if you’re unhappy with the rest of your smile, now might be the best opportunity to turn your procedure into a general smile makeover.

Do You Stain Your Teeth?

Another concern is if you are constantly exposing your teeth to staining compounds from coffee, tea, red wine, or cigarette smoke. If so, you might want to consider getting more veneers. Although the porcelain veneers can be initially matched to the color of your teeth, the veneers will resist staining while the rest of your teeth become discolored. This will make it obvious which teeth you had veneered and may not be attractive.

How Do You Smile?

Take a look at your smile, your full smile, in the mirror. How many teeth do you show? Do you show both top and bottom, or only the top? Next, practice talking into the mirror and look at how your teeth tend to show.

The number of teeth you show during either of these should influence your decision.

We Can Advise

During your porcelain veneers consultation, we can talk to you about your smile and your cosmetic goals to help you find the right number of veneers to give you optimal results.

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