How Many Dental Implants Will I Need?

Jan 14, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

If you are missing several teeth, you might wonder how many dental implants it will take to replace them all. That depends on many factors, including how many teeth you’re missing, the configuration of missing teeth, the health of your bone, and the health of your bite.

How Many Teeth Are You Missing?

How Many Dental Implants to Get?At a simple level, you won’t need any more dental implants than you are missing teeth. At most, you will have one dental implant for each missing tooth.

The amount fewer implants you can get away with depends on the configuration of your teeth. Dental implants don’t always support just one false tooth–they can be used to support a dental bridge. That bridge could be made of several units, depending on the health of your bone and your bite. So, if you have three missing teeth in one place, you might just need two dental implants, but if you have them separated, you will likely need three dental implants.

How Healthy Is Your Mouth?

There are many health-related factors that determine how many dental implants you will need. The two most important are the health of your bone and the health of your bite. Your dental implants need a good amount of bone to support them. If you don’t have a lot of bone–and we can’t use grafts to build it up–you may have to rely on mini implants, and each mini implant can’t withstand as much force as a full-size implant, so we’d have to use more of them.

Another problem we have to consider is how much force will these implants have to withstand–and that’s basically determined by the health of your bite. If you have a balanced bite that distributes forces well, the individual implants won’t have to withstand so much force, and we can make a larger bridge with fewer implants.

But it’s common for people to have an imbalanced bite that puts excessive force right where the implants will be–that may be part of the reason why you lost those teeth in the first place. If that’s the case, we may have to use more dental implants–or we may decide we can’t place implants there without first fixing your bite.

In a mouth with good bone and a healthy bite, we can often use just four implants to secure an entire arch of teeth. In other cases, it may take more than that, or we may recommend dentures.

The only way to know for sure how many dental implants are necessary in your case is to have  your case evaluated by a dentist. To schedule an evaluation, please call (817) 481-6888 for an appointment with a Grapevine implant dentist at Grapevine Dental Care today.