Kirsten Dunst Says She Loves Her Teeth, but Were They Straightened?

Mar 29, 2016, by Dr. Becky Coats

Speaking recently with InStyle Magazine, Kirsten Dunst has again said that she loves her crooked teeth and would never have them fixed with cosmetic dentistry, but some people believe she already did.


Her Teeth Make Her “Special”

Dunst tells the story of how her friend, director Sofia Coppola, told her when she was 16 that she should never change her teeth. She took that command seriously, and when the studio told her that in order to be in Spider-Man she would have to change her teeth, she said, no, because they were what made her “special.” She also responded to their criticism by adhering more closely to her own identity, saying, “I never felt like I had to become something I wasn’t.”

And, of course, it would be silly to make her change her teeth to play the role of  Mary Jane Watson, the literal “girl next door,” who is supposed to be beautiful, but, also, real and down-to-earth. This was something that Dunst was definitely able to bring to the role in part because of her teeth.

And then there’s her turn as Marie Antoinette in the historico-fantasy directed by Sofia Coppola, where her crooked teeth make her seem a natural fit for the 18th century, before the popularization of braces. (It is frustrating to see series like Spartacus, set in Roman times, yet not showing the gum disease we know was common then. It’s how we know Game of Thrones is a fantasy–those people have way too many teeth!)

The forward tilting laterals, which she sometimes describes as her “snagglefangs,” definitely set her apart, and help her seem convincing in “everyman” roles like Peggy in Fargo.

But Did She Get Her Teeth Fixed?

Of course, there are people who say that Dunst did get her teeth fixed in 2008, after the release of the third Spider-Man movie. But these kinds of rumors always circulate about celebrities, and it’s easy to find pictures that look different because of the angles and the light. If you look at supposed “before” and “after” pictures of Dunst, pay attention to the angle of her head, which, when tilted down highlights the angles of her teeth. Also note that darker colors of lipstick will also highlight the angles of the teeth, as will having a more narrow smile, which puts them more directly against the lips.

If Dunst did get her teeth changed, it was done subtly enough that it still looks natural. And that’s an important fact to note: it’s possible to simultaneously get cosmetic dentistry and maintain the features that make your smile yours. When we’re talking about the design of your smile, you can decide how “perfect” you want it to be, and how much you want to keep some of the things that helped your smile to be yours.

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