Holistic Dentistry


At Grapevine Dental Care, Dr. Coats and our team strive to help our patients achieve and maintain total wellness through a holistic and comprehensive approach to oral health care. Holistic dentistry operates on the understanding that the health of the oral cavity affects the health of the entire body.

To help maximize wellness, we utilize biocompatible restorations and ozone therapy. When treating patients, we evaluate how tooth decay, infections in the oral cavity’s structures, and old dental work with outdated materials can affect a person’s vitality. Holistic dentistry is ideal for patients who are concerned about avoiding potential toxins in common dental and medical treatments as well as those who prefer as natural of an approach as possible when it comes to oral healthcare.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy involves using O3 to treat infections and sensitive teeth because of its ability to kill pathogens that affect hard and soft oral tissue. Ozone therapy can involve using O3 water to flush out tissue such as the gingiva or it can be used in gas form to sterilize decayed and infected portions of teeth. Dr. Coats may employ ozone therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease, dental caries, tooth sensitivity, and infected root canals. Sometimes, ozone treatment can take the place of antibiotics and anti-viral medications because it kills viral and bacterial pathogens.

Mercury-Free Restorations & Amalgam Removal

Many folks have concerns about the use of mercury in dental restorations. In the past, the most common material used to address minor tooth decay was amalgam. This material is a mixture of metals and does contain some mercury. Amalgam has been used for fillings, inlays, and onlays. Mercury is a concern for many – especially when exposed to heat, which might release mercury’s toxic properties as a vapor.

Grapevine Dental Care offers mercury-free restorations that do not contain toxins. We also remove old dental work safely so that it can be replaced with biocompatible materials. Biocompatible materials include porcelain and composite resin (a mixture of glass and BPA-free plastic). An additional benefit to biocompatible materials is the fact that they are very natural looking and therefore provide very discreet, aesthetic-enhancing restorations.

Meridian Tooth Chart

Ancient Chinese health practitioners understood that there was a strong connection between oral health and general wellness. In fact, Chinese health practitioners developed a theory that each tooth corresponds to specific organs and systems within the body. This theory is called “The Meridian Tooth Chart”. For example, the first premolars correspond with the health of the lungs, liver, and stomach. They also correspond with certain vertebrae in the spine and sensory systems like eyesight. If these teeth are diseased, our holistic dentist may inquire about a patient’s health to their related organs and systems. Our team might also recommend that patients receive thorough physicals that evaluate the health of specific systems and organs based on the health of their corresponding teeth.

 SMART Certification

In addition to years of receiving formal education and experience practicing dentistry, Dr. Coats attends routine continuing education to further her knowledge every year.  By staying abreast of the latest techniques and advancements in dentistry, our practice can better serve you. One certification our dentist has earned is SMART Certification (Safe Amalgam Removal Technique). This certification requires annual renewal through an educational program.


The Safe Amalgam Removal Technique involves understanding how to remove amalgam without releasing excess mercury vapors through heat caused by drilling. Removing amalgam fillings is an important component of practicing holistic dentistry because this compound contains about 50% mercury in its composition. Mercury exposure is of great concern to medical professionals and patients alike. If you have old fillings you want replaced, rest assured our dentist will remove them as safely as possible.

If holistic and biological dental care interests you, we welcome you to call our practice to schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team.


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