General Dentistry



General Dentistry

At Grapevine Dental Care, we provide comprehensive oral healthcare to residents throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. From checkups and cleanings to fillings and tooth extractions, our dentist and team of dedicated professionals are here to help you enjoy the vibrant oral health you deserve.


Checkups & Cleanings

To safeguard your oral health, you should receive frequent checkups and cleanings. Since many oral conditions form without symptoms, it is important to have trained professionals evaluate the health of your entire mouth. Moreover, our practice utilizes advanced diagnostics that can help detect issues in their earliest stages, which, in turn, can save you money and time with conservative treatment. A dental checkup is gentle and thorough. Not only will our dentist look for signs of common disease, you will receive an oral cancer screening as well.

Like checkups, cleanings are important for protecting your teeth and gums. Cleanings remove substances that accumulate over time. Substances like tartar, a major threat to your oral health, cannot be removed at home with regular brushing and flossing. Tartar is removed by using specific handheld instruments. Cleanings are beneficial for preventing periodontal (gum) disease, a condition that can ravage your oral health if left untreated.

Tooth Loss Risk Test


Self-Screening Test:

Tooth Loss Risk Assessment

If you are concerned about your risk of tooth loss, these questions can help you understand some of the factors that contribute to that risk.


Fillings are conservative restorations used to address small areas of tooth decay. When a cavity forms, the tooth will need a restoration to protect against further structural damage. Receiving a filling is a quick, one-visit procedure that is not invasive and only local anesthetic is required. Fillings can be constructed from a few different materials including tooth-colored composite resin.


Tooth Extractions

When teeth are diseased or injured beyond repair, they will need to be extracted to preserve a person’s overall oral health and wellbeing. Badly damaged teeth can become abscessed, which can lead to systemic and painful infections that destroy neighboring hard and soft tissue. A tooth extraction is the surgical removal of an entire tooth, including its roots. When performing extractions, our dentist takes great care to improve one’s quality of life and comfort. We take a gentle and compassionate approach to treatment so that our guests enjoy positive and welcoming experiences at our office. Call Grapevine Dental Care to schedule a checkup or cleaning.




How often should I visit the dentist?

You should visit the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. Having routine oral examinations and professional dental cleanings are proactive steps you can take for preventing oral disease and catching potential problems as soon as possible. Dental checkups are very thorough; our dentist will look for signs of common conditions like periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay. We also provide oral cancer screenings during checkups. Oral cancer can be a deadly disease when not diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages.


Why do I have to have my teeth cleaned regularly?

In conjunction with routine checkups, having your teeth cleaned regularly is an important part of maintaining good oral health. While you might think that brushing and flossing at home is enough to prevent dental caries and gum disease, the truth is that even those who practice meticulous oral hygiene develop plaque and tartar buildup. Plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) accumulate when bacteria colonize after feeding on sugar particles. Tartar is so hard that it cannot be removed by self-care practices like brushing and flossing. It must be removed by a professional who uses specialized tools. Cleanings are not invasive or uncomfortable. They are a great way to protect the health of your teeth and gums.


How can I prevent cavities?

Cavities affect up to 99% of our population at least once. This is because the bacteria responsible for tooth decay are passed from person to person, normally during infancy. Since tooth decay is so common, patients should practice vigilant oral hygiene and visit our office for routine preventive care. Additionally, you can prevent cavities by reducing sugar from your diet. Sugar, including starches, serves as a food source for oral bacteria. By reducing sugar intake whenever possible you can essentially starve harmful oral bacteria.


What do I do about a toothache?

A toothache is a sign that something is wrong. When a tooth begins to hurt, it usually means that a cavity is present. If a cavity produces a toothache, it normally means that the decay is wide and deep enough to reach the root canal. Since a toothache is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, you should call our office and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If your pain is severe, we will try to schedule your appointment on the same day as your call.


Will my insurance cover dental visits?

If you have dental insurance, you will likely have some coverage on your routine appointments like checkups and cleanings. Not all dental insurance is equal in coverage, however, so it’s best to speak with your carrier for a breakdown of your coverage. As a courtesy to our patients, we will file your insurance claims on your behalf. Call us today to find out if we work with your insurance company and specific plan.


Preserving Your Teeth

A healthy mouth is essential to maintaining a healthy body, and your smile will never be attractive if it’s not healthy first. That’s why Grapevine Dental Care prioritizes general dentistry that maintains your oral health. From routine checkups and preventative care to replacing your teeth once they have been lost, general dentistry master, Dr. Becky Coats offers a full range of options for maintaining and restoring a healthy smile.

To get the general dentistry care you need, please call (817) 481-6888 or email Grapevine Dental Care today for an appointment.

As marvelous as our modern dental treatments are, there is still nothing that is better than your natural teeth. Preserving your teeth is our primary mission here at Grapevine Dental Care, and we work hard to help both our pediatric and our adult patients to maintain good oral health. We offer cleanings and checkups for patients of all ages.

Gum disease is the primary cause of lost teeth. Gum disease treatment protects your teeth and keeps your gums pink and healthy.

Dental sealants can be used to help keep damaging bacteria and the acids they secrete off your teeth. They may be able to help you prevent tooth decay.

Mouthguards are instrumental in protecting your teeth from injury. We can help you get a well-fitted mouthguard that is secure, comfortable, effective, and suitable for any sport.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

If preventive dentistry is not adequate to prevent damage to your teeth, there are many ways to repair the damage they suffer. Tooth-colored fillings are an attractive and effective replacement for old metal fillings.

If your tooth is damaged to the point that it needs more structural support and protection than a filling can give, a dental crown can be used. A dental crown fits over your tooth like a cap, which they’re sometimes called, giving it an entirely new surface. The attractive ceramic used to manufacture the crown looks just like your natural tooth.

Crowns are also used as part of an endodontic procedure. Endodontic treatment, also called a root canal, is when we remove the infected pulp from inside your tooth and fill it with an inert material before covering your tooth with a dental crown. Although the tooth itself is dead, it can stay in place and continue to function normally for decades.

Replacing Lost Teeth

These days, we have more options than ever to replace a lost tooth. Dental implants are the best available option. With a titanium root that functions like your natural tooth root and an aesthetic crown that looks like a natural tooth, dental implants look and function like natural teeth.

Dental bridges are an effective option that uses a false tooth anchored to dental crowns on either side of the gap. Almost as good as dental implants, these are often you best option if you either don’t have good bone where the implant would need to go or the teeth on either side of the gap are healthy and wouldn’t benefit from a crown.

Finally, dentures remain a good option. In fact, they’re better than ever thanks to the advent of neuromuscular dentures like our Denture Fountain of Youth®, which not only give unprecedented fit and function, they can help you look younger by supporting your face structure the way your natural teeth did when you were young.

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