Payment Methods

We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Affordable monthly payments are also available through CareCredit and Lending Club for qualified applicants. Contact office for term available. ( Apply for CareCredit | Apply for Lending Club )


About Insurance

Insurance is a contract negotiated between your employer and the insurance company, and it does not involve your doctor. The policy outlines covered dental and medical benefits, as well as non-covered and excluded services. It provides basic or minimal coverage that may have nothing to do with what you want or need. We’ll file your insurance claim for exams, x-rays and maintenance cleanings in office as a courtesy and estimate your benefits based on the information your provider gives us. For all other services, payment is due prior to the service time reserved. We will complete all necessary claim forms, narrative descriptions and attach x-rays and photos for you to submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. If you have questions about your insurance policy, please call your dental plan provider.


A bookkeeping courtesy is offered on treatment plans when the following is met:
a) Prepayment of treatment
b) Efficient scheduling of treatment
c) Taking our next available appointment

Dental Warranty

Coverage from Dental Warranty Corp:

  • “No-Fault” Coverage:
    Repairs or replacement work on qualifying restorations will be covered no matter how it broke, no matter where the patient lives, and no matter if Dr. Coats is available.
  • “No-Cost” Repair:
    The warranty through Dental Warranty Corp will cover any repair or replacement of dental work up to the cost of the original restoration.
  • “Follows Your Smile” Coverage:
    Even if our patients leave the Grapevine – Southlake – Colleyville area, any repairs or restoration replacements are still covered by the warranty. The patient will be referred to the closest Dental Warranty Corp. certified dental practice for service.
  • “Constant Assurance”
    Even if Dr. Coats is no longer practicing years down the road, our patients’ dental work would still be covered by the warranty.
  • “Peace-of-Mind”
    Imagine not having to worry about paying to repair or replace dental work if something were to happen to your smile. Patients of Grapevine Dental Care in Grapevine, TX can enjoy this peace-of-mind for several years because they are covered by this dental warranty.