How Feminists Should Approach the Problem of Snoring

Dec 23, 2014, by Dr. Becky Coats

In an article for, Helen Croyden says “Snoring is a feminist issue.” She is right that because men are predominantly snorers, women often suffer serious consequences. She is right that the lack of sleep leads to both health problems and loss of productivity. However, she is completely wrong about how to solve the snoring problem.

Running Away from the Problem Is Not a Solution

Snoring is a Feminist IssueCroyden thinks that the solution to the problem of snoring is simple: women just need to sleep in another room. She draws from her limited personal experience with a snoring partner on holiday when she wanted a separate room, but he didn’t want her to. Croyden thinks the problem of snoring will go away if men just let women sleep in another room or if women assert their right to sleep apart more strongly.

But this solution isn’t really a solution. It can even make the situation worse. Snoring men are also losing sleep because of their snoring. They just don’t know it. This can make them irrational and harder to reason with. It can cause conflict to escalate, leading to very negative effects in the relationship.

But it’s not just a man’s mental state that is affected by his snoring. It’s his health. Snoring is one of the most obvious symptoms of sleep apnea, which can contribute to many serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and more.

Most importantly, there’s no guarantee that moving to another room will even solve the problem. Snoring can be so loud that there’s often no place in the house where you can escape it.  In a recent case where a woman stabbed her husband over his snoring she had already moved to sleep in another room.

None of this is to say that sleeping in another room isn’t sometimes a right that women should assert. There are many good reasons to make this lifestyle change, but running away from snoring isn’t one of them.

Women Can Solve the Snoring Problem

We can stop snoring by encouraging snoring men to get professional help for their problems, something they’re notoriously bad at (hence this humorous campaign to get men facing depression to seek counseling). Tell him that he can’t just ignore the problem, and he can’t just buy over-the-counter remedies, either. Instead, he needs to talk to a doctor about his problem and learn whether he has sleep apnea.

If you do this, you can not only save your sleep, but his life as well.

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