Digital Dentistry Means the End of “the Goo and the Gag”

Nov 09, 2015, by Dr. Becky Coats

If biting down into that impression goo in the tray can just make you gag, then we’ve got good news for you: you don’t have to do it at Grapevine Dental anymore. And that’s just one of the benefits of digital dentistry–truly 21st century dentistry.

What Is “Digital Dentistry”?

Digital dentistry is when we utilize the incredible power of computers to improve the technologies and techniques of dentistry. Using digital x-rays, for example, lets us reduce the amount of radiation, and put your x-rays up on any monitor or TV screen for us to review together–no more squinting at those little bitewing films!


But perhaps the best thing about digital dentistry is the digital impression system. Using the iTero, a digital imaging system from the makers of Invisalign, we can take a panoramic picture of your teeth. This digital image is so detailed and accurate that we can use it for anything we’d use a manual impression for, like planning orthodontic treatment or manufacturing a dental crown, bridge, or other restoration.

No More Goo

Obviously, one of the best benefits of this is that you won’t have to bite down into the impression trays anymore. We know that many people hate that part of getting a crown. Even if it doesn’t make you gag, the tray can be uncomfortable–pinching and poking your gums, cheeks, and tongue–and the impression material unpleasant.

More Accurate Impressions

But digital dentistry isn’t just more comfortable–it can be more accurate, too. Getting an impression right involves carefully putting the tray in place and having you bite down on it properly. But when you’ve gotten anesthesia, it can be hard to bite down, making it hard to get a good impression. Add in the process of filling the tray, avoiding air bubbles, and removing the tray without damaging the impression, and there’s many small ways that a physical impression can be inaccurate. But digital impressions avoid those problems to get the impressions–and the restoration–right the first time.

Faster Restorations

With physical impressions, we had to mail them off to a lab where they began working on the restoration when they received the impression. This could be days of delay. But with digital impressions, we can send the impressions with a touch of a button and work can start right away. This means that you can get your impression done faster.

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