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What if we told you that dentures could actually be a positive step for you? Although traditional options often fit poorly, are uncomfortable, prone to slipping, and limit the foods you can eat, our Denture Fountain of Youth®, not only looks and function more like your natural teeth, they can help you look younger as well.

This page can help you understand what makes FOY Dentures® different from traditional options, but the best way to learn how they can benefit you is to talk to a dentist in person. Please call us at (817) 481-6888 or email Grapevine Dental Care in Grapevine today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Becky Coats.


What Makes the Denture Fountain of Youth® Different?

Our dentures are neuromuscular in design. Neuromuscular dentistry takes into account how all the parts of your mouth system work together in harmony, including not just your teeth, bones, and gums, but also the nerves, muscles, and joint cartilage as well.

Using this perspective allows them to fit better in your mouth. Instead of just sitting on your gums, they also leverage your muscles to improve their fit and function, and gives them many benefits over traditional dentures.

FOY Dentures®™ Before and After 1FOY Dentures™ Before and After 2


Benefits of FOY Dentures®

  • Denture Fountain of YouthFit Better: The neuromuscular dentistry approach helps them to fit more securely in your mouth.
  • Function Better: Because they fit more securely, they won’t slip out when you talk or eat. This allows you to eat more of your favorite foods, speak confidently in public, and smile without worry.
  • Are More Attractive: Better fit and high-quality materials make them more attractive.
  • Help You Look Younger: Not only are they more attractive when you smile, they do a better job of supporting your facial tissues than traditional options. This can eliminate sagging skin that causes jowls, prevent the collapse of the appearance around the mouth, and eliminate many wrinkles and folds.
  • Improve Comfort: Traditional options put all the bite force on your gums, which can be painful—your gums aren’t prepared to handle that level of force. The Denture Fountain of Youth® distributes these forces more evenly so you are less likely to experience denture pain.
  • Longer Life: They are designed to last. They’re tough and durable. But most options have to be replaced before they wear out because they put uneven pressure on your jawbone. This causes your body to remove bone from your jaw, which leads to poor fit, even if you had a good fit before. FOY Dentures® have superior fit, which distributes the load of your denture evenly across your jawbone to slow bone resorption and ensure that they fit better longer.

If you are currently unhappy with your dentures, these are a great choice to give you a better quality of life—the kind you thought was lost with your natural teeth.

Denture Fountain of Youth® Before and After 3Denture Fountain of Youth®™ Before and After 4


Denture Fountain of Youth® vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Another good option for getting great-fitting, great-looking, and comfortable dentures is to have dental implant supported dentures. These use dental implants to secure them in your mouth, which provides many of the same benefits as our Denture Fountain of Youth®. Which one is best in your situation depends on the condition of your mouth and other factors that can only be determined by talking to our denture dentist, Dr. Coats in person.

Denture Fountain of Youth® Before and After 5Denture Fountain of Youth® Before and After 6

At Grapevine Dental Care, damages to your dentures are covered under our Dental Warranty. To learn more about the Denture Fountain of Youth® and how they can help you, please contact Grapevine Dental Care in Grapevine, Texas to schedule an appointment today. Call us at (817) 481-6888.

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