Crest Launches Lifestyle Toothpastes to Add Glamour to Oral Hygiene

Jan 29, 2014, by Dr. Becky Coats

If you are tired of the same old mint flavors of toothpaste, and are looking for a fresh way to approach brushing your teeth, Crest may have what you’ve been looking for: “lifestyle” toothpastes that come in new, unique flavors – like chocolate! The flavors and packaging of these new toothpastes set them apart from the types of toothpaste you’re used to, and suggest that people who use them have a richer, more exciting approach to even life’s most common daily tasks.

An Unexplored Market

The new toothpastes seem to fall into an area where most industries have long targeted their advertising: teens and college-age youths. These people are a great market to capture, because individuals in this market are striking out from under their parents’ guidance and are often looking to try new products. They can also form lifelong tastes and buying habits that can result in long revenue streams.

Although toothpastes have long portrayed this market in their advertising, they have rarely appealed to it directly. Instead of capturing the adventurous spirit of people at this time of life, toothpastes tend to emphasize concerns directed at older demographics, such as tooth whitening, plaque prevention, and cavity prevention. These are all essential qualities of a toothpaste, but don’t serve as differentiators and don’t capture the imagination of a youthful demographic.

Potential Benefits Beyond Sales

It’s hard to know whether this marketing gambit will give Crest the market position it desires, but if these toothpastes hit, their impact can be positive in more ways than just sales figures.

As teens and young adults step out from under their parents’ guidance, oral hygiene can be one of the things they neglect. All-night hangouts and partying till dawn leave little time or energy for brushing one’s teeth, which can also be seen as an “establishment” value and therefore worthy of rebelling against.

Although young people have overall a resilient oral system, we treat a lot of gum disease and place a lot of fillings in these patients because of neglected oral hygiene.

At Grapevine Dental Care, we care for patients of all ages, helping them maintain oral health, and hopefully in a cool way.

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