Tea with Milk

Milk Helps You Get Benefits of Tea without Staining

Date: Apr 15, 2015

We’ve talked about the , but there’s a problem with it. Tea, especially green tea, is capable of causing significant staining of our teeth. So how can we get the benefits of tea for our teeth without the staining? Milk is one way. Adding milk…

Not too old for dental hygiene instructions

You’re Never Too Old to Refresh Oral Hygiene Instructions

Date: Apr 08, 2015

Most of us learn to brush our teeth when we’re children, and most of us don’t think we need to learn it again. After all, it’s like tying your shoes or riding a bike, right? Once learned, it’s never forgotten. Not so, says a recent…

Interconnected Nature of TMJ

TMJ Symptoms Due to Functionally Interconnected Anatomy

Date: Apr 01, 2015

can be baffling for both sufferers and doctors because of the wide array of symptoms it can cause, from and to vertigo and tingling fingers. These symptoms often lead to misdiagnosis of TMJ, unnecessary and ineffective treatments, and continued suffering. But these symptoms are actually…

Probiotics and Dental Implants

Probiotics: A Supplement That Might Protect Dental Implants

Date: Mar 25, 2015

Gum disease and are the two biggest dangers to your . Fortunately, there are , either as a preventive or as additional support for gum disease treatment. Now research shows that at least one natural supplement–probiotics–can protect your dental implants from infection and may be…

When Teeth Whitening Doesn't Work

What to Do When Your Teeth Don’t Whiten

Date: Mar 18, 2015

For most people, is a very effective procedure. You can see your teeth become significantly whiter, regaining the color they had when you were much younger. But it doesn’t always work. For some people, teeth whitening either doesn’t work or it works for a while,…