7 Reasons Cosmetic Dentistry Should Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Jan 04, 2016, by Dr. Becky Coats

If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry for a while now, and you’re watching another year roll by without getting a beautiful new smile, don’t let it happen again. Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just your teeth–it can have a dramatic impact on your life, so if you’re looking to make any of a number of significant changes this year, cosmetic dentistry can help. Here’s just 7 of the ways that cosmetic dentistry can help you improve your life in the coming year.

Find Love


There’s no way to guarantee that you’ll find that special someone you’ve been looking for all your life. Heck, there’s no way to guarantee that person even exists. But if you are looking for them, the odds are much better that you’ll find them with cosmetic dentistry. After all, both men and women put a beautiful smile at the top of their dating “wish lists”.

Improve Your Relationship

A smile makeover can also help improve an existing relationship. If you are having difficulty in your current relationship, it might be due to your smile. Not the appearance of your teeth, exactly, but your self-consciousness about your smile, which keeps you from smiling in pictures or when talking to your beloved. How can they believe you love them if you don’t smile?

Finding your self-confidence can help you build a better relationship.

Get a Job

Just like finding love, a new smile can’t make sure you get a new job. But it can’t hurt. Job candidates with straighter, whiter smiles are more likely to get offered the job if all qualifications are equal. And here’s a bonus–literally–people with straighter smiles tend to be offered higher starting salaries.

Get a Promotion

The confidence of having a good smile can make a big difference in your chances of winning a promotion. If you’re suppressing your smile at work, your boss is more likely to assume you’re unhappy at your job and pass you over for someone who is more excited to be there, more committed to the job.

And if you’re very self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you might be more reluctant to speak up at meetings where everyone would turn to look at you. Not sharing your ideas is unlikely to help you get a promotion.

Be a Better Boss

But it isn’t just bosses who are looking for smiles at the workplace. Employees are also looking for a smile on the face of their supervisor, which can help them feel more comfortable and confident at work, improve morale, and increase communication. You might think scowling at your employees is the best way to motivate them, but it turns out a smile is likely to motivate them more’.

Love Yourself

At the beginning of a new year, it’s normal to take a step back and assess what really matters in life. Your job and even your personal relationships are secondary compared to your relationship with yourself. If you can’t really look at yourself in the mirror because of how your smile looks, how can you establish and re-affirm positive feelings about who you are.

A smile makeover can change that–you will be happy to look at yourself and smile.

Make a Fresh Start

But above all, New Year’s is about turning over a new page in your life, and sometimes it’s hard to do that with the reminders of older days looking back at you from the mirror. Whether you had an eating disorder, a drug habit, poverty, or just an accident in your past, there’s no reason to let it continue to haunt you into the New Year. A fresh smile might be just the thing.

There are many reasons why a new smile can help you in the New Year. But it can only help if you let it. To get started with a new smile, please call (817) 481-6888 for an appointment with a Grapevine cosmetic dentist at Grapevine Dental Care today.