5 Things You Need to Know About Your Dental Checkup

Jul 24, 2017, by Dr. Becky Coats

If you want to maintain optimal oral health, you need to stay up to date on your routine dental checkups, which should be scheduled at least twice a year. Here are five things that underscore the importance of receiving this type of care.

  1. You really do need to be seen by your dentist every six months. Some patients may be reluctant to schedule appointments with their dentist, especially if they suffer from anxiety around treatments, but it’s important to be examined by a professional regularly to monitor for signs of oral diseases. In fact, if a problem like a cavity or gum disease is discovered during a checkup, it’s most likely to be early stage and can often be addressed with a minimally invasive intervention.
  2. Routine cleanings by a trained hygienist (also known as prophylaxis) is an essential element of your care. Your oral health suffers when bacteria have the opportunity to proliferate and attack your teeth and gums.
  3. Checkups can be life-saving: During the examination, your dentist will inspect all of the oral tissues for signs of cancer. Again, if you delay treatment, any tumors may be more advanced when they are identified. The prognosis for oral cancer is quite good when the cancer is diagnosed early, but if it has metastasized before it is found, the outlook is much poorer for the patient.
  4. The checkup won’t hurt! Our hygienists are trained to use a gentle (but effective) touch when cleaning the teeth of our patients. The exam itself may involve minimal poking and prodding but should not cause any discomfort (unless you are presenting with a symptom that caused pain before the appointment).
  5. You should be completely honest in answering all questions. In assessing the status of your oral health, the provider is going to ask a number of questions about any concerns that you may have noticed, as well as your regular oral hygiene routine and diet. It’s important to be upfront when answering these questions so that any problems can be identified and addressed.

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